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Long overdue post to remind me that though simple, I can still create.

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Week Nine

// ‘April 2014 – Measuring Earth’ //

It is almost the end of this semester’s ninth week and this is the only school work I have so far that I am really happy with! I hope I will be able to post more of what I have been up to, which was basically a lot of school and non-school work. Somehow even though I feel really busy, my pile of work does not seem to be decreasing but feels like it is even piling up! Something’s definitely not right.

More about this work, it is a part of a calendar series that my ‘Typography II’ class is doing. Each of us was in-charge of designing a specific month from January 2013 to May 2014. We had to follow a strict 16×16 modular grid, limited to typography, simple design elements and black and white. My highlight for this month is ‘Earth Day’ which falls on April 22, 2014 and which was also the inspiration for the design and layout. I cannot wait to have a copy of the compiled calendar with all my classmate’s works and the cover designed by my typography professor!

Revisiting Dempsey

These photos were taken from my second visit to Dempsey Hill, again for a school project  for ‘Designed Experiences’ class, although this time my group was down to two for the time being. Nisa, and I went a little bit further from the restaurants and shops we visited before, to the surrounding seemingly-abandoned structures. We thought they were perfectly creepy enough to add to our ‘White – Ghost’ project. But more than getting the photos we wanted, I was really glad we came across the buildings because the grunge textures on the surfaces are definitely useful resources.